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My private session and work with Andres And this community in the venues of healing and understanding the use of sacred medicines can and will take a man (woman) where conventional western modalities fear to enter. The value and importance cannot go un-recommended. When a man (woman) has reached the limits of topical new age positive affirming self help remedies and is ready to enter the pain, There is nothing to fear, but that discovery is personal and individual. There is a way out - and it is in. Yes, - I recommend this community.

Kenneth Steven Price

Portland, OR


Thank you Andres! Thanks for the weekend retreats, your knowledge and for your time. I have had truly a transformative experience in many levels. I've gained so much clarity in my life and I see my purpose and it's all thanks to you and the amazing group of people who help you make this possible. It truly has been an amazing life journey. I didn’t expected to happen this fast and for this I am so grateful. I now know this is part of the master plan to bring me whole, and complete to let go of what I no longer need, and become the beautiful complete human I was destined to be. Aho! Gracias Hermano

Araceli Velazquez

Santa Barbara, CA