Shamanic Initiations

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Hello Everyone!

We are happy and honored to invite you to the 5th Hindu-Q'ero Shamanic Initiation (28 week Journey)

This path of Initiation is a profound and life-changing 28 week Journey into Shamanism and your Occult/Inner worlds. This Initiation path integrates principles of Neurolinguistics, The wisdom of the Andes and the wisdom of Advaita Vedanta.

The purpose of this Initiation is to create your own Magical Mind, which you can use to live in harmony with the different states of existence: Creation, Destruction, Co-Creation, Observation and Conservation

As part of the Hindu path, the initiations includes:


  • Initiation to the 5 principles of Ashtavakra "Living the wisdom"

  • Pratismarati-Sacred-Breath Initiation "Establishing the Observer"

  • Maha-Samadhi Initiation

  • Ñawi Awakening Pranayam

  • Bandhas Initiation

  • Padma Yoga Sequence

  • Lineage Energy initiation


As part of the Andean path, the initiations include:

  • Karpay Initiation (Personal Power transference and initiation) receiving 2 different lineages from the Andean Tradition. This offers the initiate to carry the power, guidance and connection to the Inkarri and the Wasqar wisdom.

  • Initiation into the Qhapaq ñan (the path of Allin Kawsay or Right Living)

  • Over 40 Rituals for aligning the subconscious with non dual truth.

  • Despacho ceremonies

  • 6 Andean Codes 

  • 3 Powerful Energy management dynamics

  • 9 Laws of Prosperity

  • Introduction to the Tawantinsuyo

  • The Tawa Chakana and Freedom from Atipakuy Pachakutin

As to NLP, the initiations include:


  • Working with the 10 action signals

  • Working with the 10 emotions of empowerment

  • Working with the Archetypes

  • Speech accountability habit. Speaking Consciously

  • The triangle of suffering in relation to Andean Mysticism

This Journey offers you the tools that prepare as a Paqo (energy ecologist of our environment) but more importantly this helps you be Self-aware, Sovereign and Autonomous when it comes to your inner and outer worlds.

The course will begin October 12 of 2021 and we will be meeting every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays @10AM PST via Gotowebinar.

There will be a integration group for participants to share and find support through all the processes. Additionally you will get other benefits related to Sacred Medicine Ceremonies.


*** If you are a Repeat initiate, your Ayni is only $50 per month

If you are interested in joining us please reach out and we will provide you with additional details

Hoping to meet you in the path home


Pachamama Sacred Paths

Initiation Testimonials

Coming Full Circle in Endless Exploration 

I am just finishing up my second time in this 5 month class with Pachamama Sacred Medicines and I feel that I have continued to take more away from the coursework and inner practice. It’s a class about exploring yourself and it delightfully inter relates practices of Andean Codes, Eastern Philosophies & Breathwork, NLP, and creates applicable personal study towards emotional wellbeing and everything your have every wanted in your life. Everything in the course is to be continuously explored deeper and deeper within. 


Marcella Arieta



LIFE CHANGING!!! I strongly recommend the Shamanic Initiation course with Andres Villa. It has been a life changing process for me. I finally know why I attracted certain events, challenges and a specific type of people into my life and how I can take responsibility and start attracting the right people and events into my life from now on. The Wisdom and rituals shared by Andres during this course  helped me tear down years of false beliefs and patterns that have been passed down to me for generations.  Now, Thanks to this course, I know the right process of how to manifest a prosperous and peaceful life full of happiness.


Sonia Galaviz

Phoenix, AZ


Working with Andres through the initiations was surprisingly impactful. He told me the first session to get ready because my ego would be tested. A few weeks later, covid hit and he was right. The kriya helped me to create a daily spiritual practice that brought me closer to my higher power and helped me to cope with the ever-changing world. While working with Andres, I noticed that I became less reactive and more even-keel. People around me noticed too, and some even asked to work with him because of it. He helped me to look at life from an almost detached perspective, to stop looking at things from the perspective of a victim. This gave me power because instead of allowing myself to become helpless, I could see that everything was happening for me and life was a journey, one that I didn’t need to try so hard to control or make my way. I became curious about my circumstances and able to look at them from a higher perspective. The process helped me feel deeply connected to myself, my ancestors, and my higher power. I highly recommend the initiation class to anyone looking to take their power back, improve their perspective on life, and connect with their innermost selves.

Emily Volz

San Francisco, CA


Go Deeper. If you have been invited or however you have become aware of the Shamanic Initiations course by Andres, heed the call. The daily Kriya Yoga, Pratismarati breathwork, and guided meditation literally and truly changed the way I start my days. So much more grounded and focused. Conscious and purposeful. I understand now why I reacted to certain things happening in my life, why people reacted to me in certain ways, and how I can go forward with love and peace in my heart. Aware. And to be with a like minded group created a flow of energy that motivated me to keep going.
Andres' depth of knowledge, openness and humor made the course so enlightening and enjoyable that I will be doing it again. I loved it. You will too. 💜

Jonathan Randy Nichols

San Francisco Bay Area, CA


Thank you Andres! Thanks for the weekend retreats, your knowledge and for your time. I have had truly a transformative experience in many levels. I've gained so much clarity in my life and I see my purpose and it's all thanks to you and the amazing group of people who help you make this possible. It truly has been an amazing life journey. I didn’t expected to happen this fast and for this I am so grateful. I now know this is part of the master plan to bring me whole, and complete to let go of what I no longer need, and become the beautiful complete human I was destined to be. Aho! Gracias Hermano

Araceli Velazquez

Santa Barbara, CA