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1 Night Sacred Medicine Circle  
(Ayni $350)


Perfect opportunity to become familiar with Pachamama's Sacred medicines

The circles include:



-Hape and Cacao

-2 Sacred Medicines

What you will experience:

Deep exploration of your different energy fields guided by 

Face and release old trauma and pain

Learn to embrace and cherish the divine within you

3-Day Sacred Medicine Retreat 
(Ayni $630)


Experience deeper transformations with extended experience of Self in the light of truth and humility and Love 
Experience the teachings of the Andes with Life giving principles and live giving understandings

The Experience includes:






-1 Mother Medicine Circles

-2 Father Medicine Circle

What you will experience:
Deeper communion with yourself in a contemplation of nature and the different Sacred Medicines
Face and Release old pain (Emotional/Physical)
Face and Release old patterns (Mental/Emotional)
Transform your life experience in the ways your heart desires, understanding more clearly who you are and
 to celebrate Life in more meaningful ways


4-Day Self Embodying Celebration Retreat
(Ayni $750)

The Self Embodying retreat is a combination of most Sacred Medicines and Silence periods with medicines. It is the most intensive of all programs. We suggest that participants have participated in previous ceremonies or at least have strong comprehension of the teachings of Self


What you'll experience:

A deep understanding of the mind to differentiate between inspired thought and ego thought

Diving deeply into the core of our beliefs with rituals to change them

An Initiation into your own divinity

Retreats are Not available to people with medical conditions nor pregnant women