These Sacred Bundles are handmade by the Q'ero community of the Andes


The artesans take up to 60 days to make these by hand.


What comes in your Misha?


-1 Mastana Sacred Cloth:
This represents the foundation of existence, Mater and Antimater


-1 Dualidad Sacred Cloth:
This cloth represents the 2 polarities enmeshed within existence itself, dark & light, Alpha & Omega, Masculine and Feminine, Ying and Yang, etc.


1 Cuaternario Sacred Cloth:

This cloth represents the Andean Triad or Trilogy plus the realms of the occult, the Possible and the Contingent.


1 Huatana (Watana) to tie your Misha and keep it within the order you want to create


This is a tool for the initiated magician, to realize cutting edge oracle consults, Chumpi harmonizations and all types of rituals

Misha Andina

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