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ADACEMO Foundation is focused on the evolution of humanity.. We believe that the way to resolve

our local, national and global problems is through the evolution of human consciousness

We stand firm on the belief that we are all equal while simultaneously cherishing everyone's

uniqueness and individuality.

Adacemo is currently based in in California and the Non-Profit was founded in August 2016


7 Pillars of our foundation:


ADACEMO is the an acronym which represents our Inspirational process to enlightenment, our focus, our values and aim as an organization


                Starting with Ahimsa

1.- Ahimsa – Non Violence (from the perspective of embracing a vision of love and unity)


                Ahimsa in order to align with one's topmost duty:

2.- Dharma – The principle of the natural order of consciousness

                Once Ahimsa and Dharma are present we may open the experience into Akash :

3.- Akash – The essence of all seen and unseen in the cosmos

                Dwelving into Akash with the purpose of better understanding of awareness and consciousness

4.- Consciousness – Awareness; the primary component of existence

                In a conscious way we accept in reverence and gratitude Pacha Mama's plant medicines 

5.- Entheogen – Live Natural resources that prompt our consciousness into a state of Entheogen (From

the Greek: becoming the Divine within)

                Through these experience with Entheogen we reach Moksha:

6.- Moksha – Liberation from illusion, liberation from attachment, liberation from false identity

               To once again abide in eternal Oneness

7.- Oneness – Unity and coherence within ourselves, to experience ourselves as 1 with the Divine in

everything, ever expanding Being