Hindu-Q'ero Shamanic Initiations

Hello Everyone!

We are happy and honored to invite you to our 3rd Hindu-Q'ero Shamanic Initiation (21 week Journey)

This path of Initiation is a profound and life-changing path that helps us awaken and establish a higher awareness and presence in our life. This Initiation path integrates the basics of Neuro-Linguistic programing, The wisdom of the Andes and the wisdom of Advaita Vedanta.

As part of the Hindu path, the initiations include:

  -Initiation to the 5 principles of Ashtavakra "Living the wisdom"

  -Pratismarati-Sacred-Breath Initiation "Establishing the Observer"

  -Maha-Samadhi Initiation

  -Padma Yoga Sequence

  -Lineage Energy initiation


As part of the Q'ero path, the initiations include:

  -Qhapaq ñan (Path of the Hero)

  -Over 30 Rituals for reprogramming the subconscious mind with more abundant and reality based beliefs

  -Despacho ceremonies

  -6 Andean Codes

  -Saminchakuy, Saiwachakuy and Huchamikuy

  -Freedom from the collective paradigms

  -Karpay Initiation (Personal Power transference and initiation) receiving 3 different lineages from the Andean Tradition, 1 Altomesayoc and 2 Pampamesayocs of different parts of the Andes. This offers the initiate to carry the power, guidance and connection to the wisdom with a strong bond to the Lineages of masters

As to NLP, the initiations include:

  -Working with the 10 action signals

  -Working with the 10 emotions of empowerment

  -Laws of Prosperity

  -Speech accountability

  -The triangle of suffering

  -Working with the Archetypes

This Journey has all of the tools that prepare you to be a Paqo (energy ecologist of our environment) but more importantly this helps you be self aware, sovereign and autonomous when it comes to your inner and outer worlds.

The course will begin October 27th of 2020 and we will be meeting every week on Tuesdays at 8PM PST via Gotowebinar.

There will be a support group for participants to share and find support through all the processes. Additionally you will get other benefits related to Sacred Medicine Ceremonies and microdosing.

If you are interested in joining us please reach out and we will provide you with additional details

Sending much love and abundant blessings


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