Course 1: Pratismarati Sacred Breath
(5 hrs)  

Kriya Yoga Initiations:

  • Initiation to Pranayama Kriya Yoga

  • Initiation to Bhastrika Kriya Yoga

  • Initiation to Pratismarati Sacred Breath 

  • Initiation to the Bandhas

  • Receive a personal Mantra for Samadhi 

  • Embracing Ashtavakra Basics (knowledge series)

Course 2: Ha!  Pre-requisite: Sacred Breath 
(5 hrs)

Ha process initiation

Taking ownership of voice power, will and force

Accepting and releasing old Samskaras (impressions from the mind and body)

Stretching your comfort zone and expanding your presence

Course 3: Humming light mantra
(3 hrs)

Ancient Humming technique for Mind Prana

This technique is perfect for:

Cleansing your mental emotional energy

Aligning mental activity with truth and light

Giving fresh air to the mind
Engaging a no-mind state through a specific mantra specific to the participant

Receive an Ajna Oil pour Initiation

 Course 4: Shamanic Healing initiation 
(5hrs each)


Learn how to balance chakras

Learn how to cleanse a room or area

Learn distance healings

Learn to clear auras

Learn to tangibly change Your Poq'pos energy

Receive Lineage Karpay


Learn Sacred Movements to charge and raise your Chi/Prana

Initiation to your Ancestral Name (Noccankani/So'Hum)

Initiation to your direct connection with Pachamama

Munay Karpay

Chumpis Karpay

Changing Collective Poq'pos

Working with the Misha Andina for Oracle consultations