Community Outreach Seva

We love giving back to our community and helping others in need. We understand that we all are at different stages in our development and we honor everyone's journey. Gradually, with the right focus and accepting approach, we help our brothers and sisters switch from a state of need and lack to one of abundance and prosperity. We keep this active in our consciousness when we perform every kind of service, including homeless food runs or even when helping someone for directions


It all begins with us; with our understanding of our True Nature. By the individual work from each person within the community we start to embody and become a strong point of energy  joy and love. Both individual and group Seva are coordinated by what the foundation deems a priority, at this time, 80% of our efforts are focused on those who are directly working with the becoming of focused consciousness. 20% of our efforts are for those brothers who are dealing with situations of extreme poverty, living in the streets without basic needs

The Sangha gathers in satsangs, with an intention of embodying deeper resonance for well being and truth of our Selves and our planet. This is the equivalent to group consciousness and amplification of intention and manifestation

As we grow inwardly at an individual level, our communities grows too and we evolve as a whole

Welcome! Our foundation welcomes all who are interested in practicing
and learning more about the Living-Self, Stress-free and having
more abundant joy in our lives while enjoying the 

transformations that take place in this journey 

We are One 

In lak'ech Hala Ken

We invite you to take part of something new and fresh that can benefit you and everyone around you!

2950 Mardi Gras Ct

Atwater, CA 95301

Ph: 209.564.7736

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