Misty Slopes
Wheat Field
Sunrise on Matterhorn from Riffelsee
Purple Hyacinth Close Up
Mountain Lake

Our Vision and Mission


Our Mission is to honor our Sacred Pachamama and share a vision of peace, truth and intelligent love throughout our planet.

The vision is inspired by the core teachings from different Sacred-Plant-Medicines and Andean Traditions, Christ consciousness teachings and applied throughout a series of Shamanic Rituals as well as Hindu practices and initiations for a clear, objective and observable experiential transformation.

Our foundation's mission is to manifest our love-inspired vision throughout the consciousness of all humanity.

Our Members-Family 

It is spiritual and non-religious congregation/assembly yet it is all inclusive and all accepting of all races cultures and beliefs. Our congregation members is composed by every person who is in the path of self knowledge and aiming for Harmony within themselves. Bringing that intangible divinity into a tangible reality within themselves 

The purpose of this organization is to address the aspects of our human condition which require attention and

balancing, and together with the lessons of growth and higher inspiration, the members supports the future of our planet in a divinely, synchronized and coherent way. Developing a true Human-Being 

With the help of the lessons, teachings and all of our Self-growth tools (plant medicines, rituals and breathwork), we foresee a future where abundance reigns. We see a thriving future without sickness, pain and suffering. We see a future based on true unity, respect and willingness to solve any problem that may arise based on a spirit of brotherly love, true service, compassion and understanding.

2950 Mardi Gras Ct

Atwater, CA 95301

Ph: 209.564.7736

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